A quality management system needs to cover all aspects of production, but with the complexity that can involve in industries such as aerospace and automotive, it becomes difficult. One solution is the FMEA Tool, an application that covers all the FMEA processes and streamlines quality management.

The software collects data from engineering design, for example about critical features for manufacturing purposes or parts geometry tolerances, then sends the information to other departments to ensure a safe and controlled process. The tool also collects and dispenses various documents, parts dimensions etc., which is good if it’s a custom product.

The FMEA Tool has replaced all the Excel distributed around the factories. Now the information is unified and always available from anywhere to everybody. The KPIs indicators are accessible and offer online information on the state of production. This tool can be very useful in big companies or small ones that have different needs in terms of quality management and need to change, evolve, and improve it without too much effort or cost.

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